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10-Dec-2019 22:11

Situated in a complex of six UNESCO World Heritage listed Brugean step-gable houses and surrounded by Bruges´ historical centre, St.Christophers Inn - The Bauhaus offers the best party atmosphere and beer selection of any Bruges hostel.Print Page Page design by Marie Haws With "In Bruges." it feels like Martin Mc Donagh opened a window in a room where the air has been recycled endlessly.For his directional debut is a true work of originality.

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When you get off the train in you only need to walk a short distance, crossing over a canal by bridge to discover what some have called the "Venice of the North." Standing over the bridge you'll see a series of canals, grass parkways with a blanket of wildflowers, white buildings with orange rooftops and benedictine nuns parading in old-fashioned habits.

The films begins with Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) walking in Bruges, "the most well preserved medieval city in the whole of Belgium." We quickly learn that both are hitmen who are hiding out.

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