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03-May-2020 09:35

We had no choice but to go sample box wine without them.

And yet, even as we left the madness of the venue lobby and headed down the steps of Minato Machi River Place in search of a bar, escaping the Pokemon was nowhere near as easy as we thought it would be.

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Fans who dispersed from the goods line didn’t go far—they simply moved off to other corners of the lobby, where they cut open trading card packaging with meticulous care and began a fervent swapping ritual, totally silent but for occasional squeals of “COMPU!What new surprises could this Year of Anarchy have in store? Far from badges of Buck-Chibis or a chance to design Acchan-chan’s first pair of frothy white lace knickers, this year’s “special event” consisted of nothing more than the venue staff trapping the entire crowd inside the venue after the show was over and releasing the fans one by one after gifting them with one flimsy polyester tote bag apiece, done in a different ugly color for each show, and emblazoned with an even uglier illustration.Fans who spent more than 5000 yen at the goods booth also received free “eco-kairo” stamped with the tour insignia.Uno has had a stellar career doing posters and designs for all kinds of underground artists, most notably the legendary angura film director Terayama Shuji.

At some point he added Imai Hisashi to his circle of illustrious friends, offering Mr.Though we’d hoped the gentle buzz of the box wine would soothe the pre-show tension, quietude was nowhere to be found, for on the steps just below the bar, a full-blown anime idol festival was already in full swing, and crowds of cosplayers and painfully awkward, batty-looking otaku were bouncing jerkily to the off-key warbling of a pair of teen girls doing synchronized dance moves.